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  1. Ros in need

    Exclamation sentence types

    please can you tell me what sentence types these are please? Either simple, compound or Complex.Thanks
    1)GREEDY Heather Mills was quids in last night after her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney gave her more than £2MILLION.
    2)The ex-Beatle handed her the dosh as a “down-payment” on her eventual divorce settlement.
    3)Sources said it was passed over as a “goodwill gesture without prejudice”.
    4)Lady Mucca, 39, is holding out for a £40million settlement which would provide a Premiership football star’s wage of £10,000 A DAY.
    5)But Macca, 64, says that is too high and that he is not really worth his estimated £825million fortune.
    6)A pal said: “The £2million is all down to the fact Paul is a superbly warm and generous human being.
    7)“He recognises that there were good times.
    8)But the cash he agreed to hand over doesn’t prejudice what the eventual settlement will be. It’s to tide her over.”
    9)The couple’s lawyers are now locked in negotiations to try to assess their exact wealth.
    11)One legal observer said: “It all depends on exactly how much Sir Paul is worth and what contribution she can argue she brought to the marriage.”
    12)Mucca’s £2million payout came as road safety groups slated her after she was spotted driving while FILMING on a camcorder.

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    Re: sentence types

    That looks like an assignment. We don't do people's work for them. You should try to do your own work and not expect someone simply to give you the answers.

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