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    Post Physical education helpful or worthless ?

    Id like to ask for correction of this essay. Thanks in advance

    Physical education helpful or worthless ?
    The physical education (PE) is a compulsory part of a timetable which most of us had to pass in primary and secondary school. During that time, we can experience many amazing adventures and funny situations with our classmates. From time to time, we are even scared to death by some sports disciplines, especially boys by gymnastics. It often evokes us a lot of unforgotable memories and thrilling stories from these classes that we are going to tell to our children in the future. But, is it so relevant for our lives? Was it useful for us in our childhood?
    Boys and girls has usually too much physical energy which they need to get rid of, to become calm and quiet. Thanks to the PE, they often become mentally well-rested and well-balanced. It is important for them to fully recharge their batteries in enjoyable way and with enthusiasm so that they can concentrate much better during their other classes.
    They can even get many useful physical abilities and values which comes handy in their future lives. A quality physical education usually provides opportunities for students to develop their motor skills, strengthens their self-confidence and expands skills in leadership, teamwork and cooperation. They become competitive but with a spirit of fair play.
    Teachers often instill them a lot of knowledge from areas of gymnastics, athletics and collective sports such as basketball, football, volleyball or ice hockey. Students learn some essential sport techniques and methods how to play in the most effective way. They get to know how to run on short and long distance, how to concentrate on their performance, how to score or how to warm up and stretch themselves. They familiarise with basic rules and strategies of the game too.
    A wide-range offer of sports and physical activities at school can play an important role in motivating young people to stay active after their classes. They can get used to it and take it as a usual or fundamental part of their daytime.
    This possitive attitude of doing sports surely has a significant effect on their health and body. Their body is well-built, muscular and slim which attracts people of opposite sex. These students dont normaly suffer from backache, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, diabetes or poor muscle strength. This daily habit can help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their further life.
    During their PEs classes, they could get into closer contact with their classmates and make friends. They find out what to expect from their peers and how to deal with their various behaviour and moods too. That is important for their socialization and getting into their class group.
    On the contrary, they can meet some rude, unpleasant students or teachers at their physical classes. These aggressive persons often bullies them because of some physical difference or overweight. They attack them by scoffing or verbal abuse. These victims are normally too weak to defend themselves against this great pressure.
    Moreover, they easily get on the edge of the class group and nobody wants to talk with them or become their friends. Then they loose their interest and enthusiasm to these stressful classes and are going to scared of them. Trying to avoid these terrible hours, they dont attend them regularly. These troubles are solved by parents or by school at the end.
    In addition, there are often strict limits of performance that students have to reach to get acceptable marks in the subject. When they dont play any sport or arent physically active in other way, it is rather difficult. They have to exert all their efforts to be succesful and well-evaluated. That system of education isnt about fun and training of our bodies. It only tries to verify physical ability at that moment and doesnt care of students health and physical fitness. It caused that aging joints and muscles are damaged although they should be supported by training within these classes.
    In fact, there is a lack of time for doing conditioning, stretching and warming-up exercises which are shorten or even left out by some teachers. During 45 minutes, many time is spent by preparing equipment of that discipline or by moving to the stadium or sport hall. Unfortunately, some serious injuries can happen because of a poor muscle strenght and shortage of stretching. Therefore more attention should be paid to that.
    Finally, I think the physical education has its merit and it should be a part of the school timetable. On the other hand, major issues concerning bullying, too strict sport limits or frequent injuries should be deal with schools more than nowadays.

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    Re: Physical education helpful or worthless ?

    I wish you could be heard by many people. In my opinion PE is a top priority . But there's still a long way before PE could be regarded as a true discipline. Anyway, I've found your analysis quite interesting .
    Thank U

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