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    Dear teachers and members
    I have some questions for using english .Can you shed light on me?
    1: " the committe for computer science democratization has provided these and other poor children in Brazil in access to computers with the hope that technological link will better..."
    As i know ,provide has two type: Provide something for somebody and provide somebody with something .But in this sentence ,i dont see a structure like that .
    2:"The parcel thus being secreted, Cornelius de Witt got up,pressed the hand of his godson, and turned towards the door,
    Van Baerle seizing the candlestick, and lighting him on his
    way down to the street, which was still crowded with people
    who wished to see their great fellow citizen getting into
    his coach. "
    Were "Being" and "seizing" used in standard grammar?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: analysis

    absolutly ING is correct
    To provide something = to give
    Japan provides an example of the trend towards democracy.
    This book provides an intellectual satisfaction

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    Re: analysis

    Can you explain clearlier?
    - what has that committe provided for children?
    - And ,why didnt the author write : the parcel was thus secret and Van Baerle was seizing/ seized the candlestick, and lighting/ lit him on his... ?

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    Re: analysis

    what's problem with my questions ,everyone? why noone wants to help me?

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