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Thread: paper journey

  1. Anonymous

    paper journey


    I got some trouble in undersanding the following sentence. :? Could anyone do me a favor?

    Significantly, paper would not begin its slow journey to the world beyond China for another 500 years, when Buddhist priests initially took it to Korea and Japan.

    Thanks a lot :wink:

  2. southboca
    The first word, "Significantly" can't be translated out of context.
    Here's a simplified rewrite of the rest of the text:

    People who lived in other countries, didn't begin to learn about the invention of paper until 500 years later. Even then, news about the invention didn't spread quickly. Paper was slowly introduced by Buddhist priests, who took paper with them on their travels to Korea and Japan.

    Hope that helps!

  3. mei
    Hi, Jennifer , thank you very much.


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