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Thread: Rooney shoots

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    Rooney shoots

    "Some of the puns really make you smile and we've seen some great examples of creative copywriting too," she added.
    Among the classics she cited were "Chxxch -- Have you guessed what's missing.UR!" and "God, you're great!"
    The World Cup last year offered the perfect chance to cheer on striker Wayne Rooney and make some converts too: "Rooney shoots but Jesus saves."

    What is the pun of the underlined part? Thanks.

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    Re: Rooney shoots

    Not a pun, but a play on concept.

    Rooney (shoots) scores the goals in football
    Jesus saves souls.

    Personally I feel these kind of slogans look cleverer than they really are.

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    Re: Rooney shoots

    I don't see why 'Jesus saves', in the context of football, shouldn't be seen as a pun. In that context it's the goalie who saves. I regard this as another meaning of 'save', though I suppose in 'Jesus saves souls from eternal damnation' and 'The goalie saves the ball from going into the net' the use of save could be said to be similar - not the same though, as the beneficiary in each case is different (a soul in one case, and a football team in the other).


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