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Thread: bases, tagged

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    bases, tagged

    In baseball, when batter hits the ball so far that no one in the outfield can catch it, and the batter is able to run to all four bases without being tagged, that is called a "home run". Usually a home run is hit so hard that the ball actually flies over one of the walls of the ball park, which is referred to as being hit "over the fence",

    What does highlighted words mean in this context?

    Please explain it.

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    Re: bases, tagged

    Baseball is played on a field called a "diamond." Picture a basic diamond shape; the point at the top is home plate, the point on the right-hand side is first base, the point at the bottom of the diamond is second base, and the left-hand point is third base. When a batter hits the ball, his objective is to run to as many bases (beginning with first) as he can before the players in the field catch the ball and "tag" him, or touch him with it. If the batter gets tagged by a player before he touches a base, he is "out." Once a team gets three "outs," they are sent out into the field and the other team comes up to bat.

    Here is a drawing of a baseball diamond. Home plate is at the bottom of the picture, first base is to the right of it, etc.

    I hope this made some sense!

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    Re: bases, tagged

    Thank you. I got it.


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