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    About Listening Comprehension

    Hi,my name is Harun Elitas.I'm a Turkish Military Officer.I have been studying English language since 1984.Till now I got very high marks from many examinatins including grammar,vocabulary,reading comprehension.For instance I got between 90-94 out of 100 in The Foreign Language Examination For Civil Servants(KPDS) which is held by The Student Selection and Placement Center (÷SYM).I generally get 85 from listening comprehension examinations which is held by Turkish Armed Forces.We are appointed to different posts outside Turkiye by an examination named as General Language Examination.The required marks so as to be appointed to these posts are calculated by taking the average of KPDS and General Language Listening Examination.What should I do in order to increase my listening comprehension mark above 90? Can you advice me some resources?

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    Re: About Listening Comprehension

    Hi harun, thats a good question. There are 3 answers I can give.
    1. Listen to English TV such as BBC news or cnbc-e or e2.
    2. Speak with people in English more if possible.
    3. Go to England for a few weeks.

    Hope this was helpful?

    Maybe if you live in Antalya like I do you could practice conversation with me.

    English teacher living and working in Antalya.


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