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Thread: Any oddities?

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    Any oddities?

    Could someone please have a look at the answer, and let me know if there are any mistakes or oddities, or any phrase or word that sounds unnatural?

    Many thanks in advance.

    · How are the children different from the poet?

    Ø The children differ from the poet in several ways. Their thoughts are as innocent and nonchalant as the birds, which glide carelessly in the sky at dawn, singing soft and mellow tunes. In their hearts "are the birds and the sunshine”, and in their thoughts "the brooklet's flow”, which imply that they are in the springs of their lives. , whereas the poet is preoccupied with many troubles, and in his heart and thoughts “is the wind of Autumn, and the first fall of the snow.”, which suggest that he has grown old and fragile, and is in the autumn of his life. Moreover he is weighed down with learning, business, finances, rules, politics etc. (contrivings and books), while children are playful, happy, and don't judge others.

    Here is a link to the poem for your convenience

    784. Children. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1909-14. English Poetry III: From Tennyson to Whitman. The Harvard Classics

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    Re: Any oddities?

    I like your answer a lot. I wouldn't change a thing.

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    Re: Any oddities?

    Thanks a trillion trillion, Mike.


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