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    Have,Has and had

    How can I use had and have and has in speaking

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    Re: Have,Has and had

    Quote Originally Posted by bassam-yaseen View Post
    How can I use had and have and has in speaking
    has for subject (he, she, any other single person)

    He has a pen.
    She has a doll.
    Tom has a pen
    Jimmy has a doll.
    Alan has a ball.

    have for subject (I, you, they, we, more than one person)
    I have a pen.
    They have a pen.
    We have a pen.
    Tom and Bob have a pen.
    Jimmy and Timmy have a pen.

    Had is used for all subjects/nouns/persons in the past.
    I had a pen.
    We had a pen.
    Tom had a pen.
    Jimmy and Timmy had a pen.
    She had a pen.
    He had a pen.
    They had a pen.

    I hope this help you.


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