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    Post Adverbs

    I am very confused with the position of adverbs, I mean there are three positions of adverbs but they exaclty are? and can any adverb be used at any position?

    Adverb of Frequency; Sometimes.
    Sometimes, I play football.
    I sometimes play football.
    I play football sometimes.

    are all the above correct??

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    Re: Adverbs

    Those are correct, but not all adverbs could behave the same way; you wouldn't say 'I play football never'.

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    Re: Adverbs

    Hi, Hassan,
    All your sentences are fine. Adverbs of frequency like to be in mid-position, before the main verb and after modal and auxiliary verbs and the verb be.
    She is often bad-tempered.
    I can't ever convince him.

    Usually, normally, often, frequently, sometimes, occasionally can also go in front or end position.


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    Talking Re: Adverbs

    In written form, the adverbs are all fine. Its the way when you speak 'sometimes' through the three sentences that reveals differently what exactly you want to express. That's where correct intonation is critically important!..

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