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Thread: Language query

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    Language query

    Dear Sir,
    I have been seeking an expert advice on how can I improve my english.
    I am a Cost Accountant by profession and done my course in English.
    I am eager to speak english language very desperately but I can not afford to be looked down by others when I am making mistakes in speaking.
    This is the only reason which kept me from speaking and despite my serious attempt to speak this language could not turn out good for me.
    I can easily understand english but when it comes to expressing yourself then I face difficulty.
    I assessed my as intermediate level student.
    Please advice what else needs to be done to overcome my problems and come out as confident speaker of english language.
    please also advice what are the useful sources which give the precise usage of every word used in english language, letting you understand the basic meaning completely so that i don't face difficulty using words which I learnt once.
    For making you understand where am I pointing out?
    I am still confused with many words as I could not become master using these words in normal life. Some of these are make, get, keep etc.
    Againg seeking a useful advice.
    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Re: Language query

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you're speaking. All learners make mistakes, and keeping quiet out of fear is worse because it deprives you of essential practice.

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    Cool Re: Language query

    As advised, do not be afraid to speak out and practise whenever given a chance. Ask others to point out your mistakes. Try to watch English programmes on T.V. -films, commentaries etc. If possible, try to tune into BBC radio programmes, listen to news, stories, the way people describe their problems, events and situations happening around the world. Try to 'bombard' yourself with English frequently. In time, you will certainly improve....have fun..

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