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Thread: beauty bug

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    beauty bug

    The beauty bug has bitten the beast and its owners alike.While the owners count the cash and take the trophy camels around with pride, the camels are only too happy to lazily indulge in styling sessions.

    There is camel hair colour, hump hairdos, camel tattoos and oodles of camel accessories at the parlours. So What's next - a camel fashion week?

    “There are camel makeover packages from Rs 50 to Rs 5,000. It's given as much importance as a lady getting dressed up,” says the owner of Gorbandh beauty parlour, Pratap Ram

    Please explain the highlighted group of words.

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    Re: beauty bug

    A "bug" can be a slang term meaning an urge, or a a desire. If I get bitten by the travel bug, that means I would like to go on a holiday, the sooner the better. In this case the "beauty bug" means the desire to look glamourous. Usually it's a human female that gets the urge to go to a salon and get a makeover, but in this case, it's camel owners using extraordinary means to make their animals "pretty."

    The "trophy camels" are the camels that have won a prize in this competition. The phrase can have a double meaning in this sentence however, since the owners are dressing their animals up.... Often when an average-looking man marries a much younger, very glamourous woman, we call her a "trophy wife." Since these camels are groomed and pampered and manicured, they are the dromedary version of a trophy wife.

    "Oodles" means a lot, a large amount. A millionaire has oodles of money, for example. In this case, oodles of camel accessories means a large variety of supplies to groom and dress their animals up with. The parlors have jeweled collars and other accessories for camels, as well as products to make their fur more colorful and attractive, polish for their hooves, etc.

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    Re: beauty bug

    Thank you Ouisch for your help in all my threads.
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