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    come down

    Yet the cricket team seems to have found firm supporter in Abhishek, who also believes that it would be unfair to come down on the cricketers for their failure to graduate from the preliminary stage of the World Cup.

    Abhishek said just because the players endorsed products and appeared in advertisements did not mean they were compromising with the game. "It would be unfair to come down on them for doing too many endorsements and call for replacing them," he said.

    Please explain the highlighted parts

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    Cool Re: come down

    "seems to have Abhishek" means the cricket team and Abhishek are both in agreement; "come down ....criketers" means to censure/take to task or reprimand the cricketers; "It would be unfair to punish/penalise them for doing too many endorsements (for products) and ask for them to be replaced". hope that helps..


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