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    Hi, during a library orientation my English teacher raved about how she wished Easybib was around when she was in school, I donít understand what Iím suppose to do there at the home page?
    EasyBib: Free Automatic Bibliography Composer - MLA and APA formatting
    Iím not familiar with the research thing. The teacher told us to pick an author and research their life and then describe how the authors life my have impacted the style of their writing. She said we need at least 10 sources supporting our research essay and that we much include source bibliography information. Iím assuming this means publisher, sources author in MLA format? In any case Iím not sure what I need to click on at the home Easybib home page to find my author? Actually I donít understand what Easybib is for. What do I do there? The author Iím looking for is Theodor-Seuss-Geisel. My teacher said this site will make life so much easer but I donít understand what it is or what Iím looking for there?
    By the what, What is an Annotated bibliography?
    Advanced thanks for this lost sole.
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    Easybib will generate the references for you in the appropriate format and the correct order if you enter the details. It won't give you the sources.

    A annotated bibliography is one where in addition to giving the publishing details, there's a short summary and evaluation of the work.

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    ahh I see, Thank you again Tdol.


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