Assignment Global Study

Topic: Should population control be a priority for the Third world countries?

Population growth is the big problem for this earth, nowadays. If the population increases as fast as today, the world will not have enough space to carry all people. Because of the world’s resources is limited, so some organizations are trying to find many strategies to reduce the population of the world. One of these strategies is population control which is so effective to cut down the population growth. The research shows that seventy percent of the world population is come from the third world countries. I am strongly agreed one statement said that population control should be a priority for the Third world countries. Population control brings lots of benefits to third world countries.

Firstly, Most of the people who live in Third world countries are poor. They can earn so little money to support their living. If they have many children, it will make their living condition became worse and worse. In addition, the education in these countries are still low, that why they can’t find a very good job. When people have a few children, the spending is less too.

Secondly, Population control will improve the living standard of people. Usually, when the family is small, it will easy to control and support. Both mother and father are free from take care children, so they can manage time to work and earn money to support the family. As a result, the living condition of family will improve to be better.

Finally, Population control can reduce the death rate of pregnancy women. As we know already that most of the people live in developing countries are poor, so they don’t have much money to cure themselves. They always use the traditional medicine to cure the illness, but if the illness is serious the traditional medicine can’t cure. It is the cause of pregnancy women death. Moreover, it is a very big risk when they give birth to child because there have no doctor to help them to give birth to child.

Opponent says that population control should not priority only third world countries, but also first and second world countries because all countries in the world have equal right. However, in order to reduce the population the first priority countries that should set population control is the third world countries.

To sum up, all the three main points that I mention above are enough to prove that third world is priority to set population control. In my opinion, population control strategic is the effective way to reduce the poverty in third world countries.