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    hi, i'd like to know in what way i can use conjuction NEVERTHELESS and difference between NEVERTHELESS and DESPITE OF.

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    Re: nevertheless

    Nevertheless = Nontheless = However

    Ex: Tom tried sending Mary flowers and gifts. Nevertheless, Mary didn't agree to marry him.

    Despite of is the same meaning as Nevertheless, but the usage is different.

    Ex: Despite of the hard rain, I still go to school.

    After Despite of is a noun phrase or V-ing form, while after nevertheless is a comma and a clause.

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    Re: nevertheless

    A quick link: in spite of/despite

    Read more here: in despite of - WordReference Forums

    This is odd:
    Despite of is the same meaning as Nevertheless, but the usage is different.

    Nevertheless means in spite of (or despite with no of) a condition mentioned in another clause - sometimes another sentence.

    It was raining. Nevertheless he went shopping.

    In spite of the rain, he went shopping.

    Despite the rain he went shopping.

    Mixing up in spite of with despite is a very common mistake, but it's a mistake. It was acceptable when Shakespeare did it (he wasn't mixing them up then anyway), and it's understandable now, but it's not standard and it's not to be recommended.



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