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Thread: Help me!!

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    Cool Help me!!


    "be addicted to"
    I've learned that the expression is right. above
    But when i was googling, "be addicted with" is used in some people.
    for example, "I am addicted with viedo games" something like that.

    Is that expression right? or wrong?
    or there is a difference between "with" and "to"?

    And last question!

    "I have problems with sending e-mails."
    If I change "with" for "of", does this have the same meaning?

    Please~ help me about 2 questions.
    Have a good day. (It is 6:40 a.m. in my country now~)

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    Re: Help me!!

    I have never heard anyone say, "addicted with." The correct idiomatic form for American English is "addicted to."

    It is also idiomatic to say "...have a problem with someone or something.

    You can "see the problem of something," but if you have a problem it is with something.

    It is 5:50PM in my country now

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    Cool Re: Help me!!

    Yes, I would agree with mykwyner. Its always 'addicted to' something, be it alcohol, gambling, watching T.V. etc. I have yet to come across 'addicted with'. But there again like I said before, English is a living language. It adapts to the contemporary needs of society as it progresses.


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