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    plz help me

    plz help me to write
    topic:keys to Success in life and in business

    A successful person attracts the attention of everybody in the world. EVERYBODY likeS a successful person. Sometimes successful people become an ideal for others. For success in life, hard work is very important. People can pass any test in life with hard work. Thatís why hard work is the key to success. But luck is also important. We cannot deny it. In THE success of each and every person, luck also plays an important role. Therefore I agree that luck is also important for success. There are many reasons for this. These are as follows:

    Some people are very successful in life. That is not only because of hard work but also luck. Successful people have found the opportunities to do all types of activities in which they want to succeed in their life. I have a good example of this in my life. I found a job few days before but I live in THE USA and have no work permit therefore, I lost it. This is because of my luck. I found it after hard work. Hence I want to say only hard work is not important, but luck is also important.

    Some people are very good AT English but others are not. That is because of their luck. In life if people do not find the chance to study English then they do not achieve command oF it. For example most of the friends are very successful because they found an opportunity to study English. But I would like to say with hard work people can improve it. Luck is not in the hands of people but hard work is. Everything is possible in the world by hard work and luck going together.

    In THIS world some people are very rich and they are earning millions of dollars. This is not only because of their hard work but luck as well. For example if a person lives in the U.S. then for him it is easy for him to earn millions as compared to those who live in poor nations. By doing hard work people can never be a millionaire this is possible because of luck as well.

    Finally I would like to say luck is very important to find an opportunity. Without opportunity people cannot do anything. But hard work is also important. A person who wants to be a successful man, should work hard.
    You think well of yourself. You are not boastful or egotistical, but do have an honest understanding of your talents, handicaps and are working toward getting better.
    You have just done this long enough. How long is long enough? Well, it will take 10 years. I have asked hundreds of accomplished photographers, writers, filmmakers, painters and musician how long it took before they felt they were able to speak from a source within. Ten years was been their unanimous answer.
    Talent is the last thing you need. You have to have some of it, but you do not need a lot. Too much talent is often a handicap. Things come too easily and there is little incentive to push, to make use of the talent
    Success is not a matter of being talented. Notice it is last on the list. A little bit of talent, combined with the other seven keys, will lead you to success. I know many people who are talented, but lack one or more of the other seven keys and they fail to succeed.

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