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    Terrorism, heroism

    1. The truth is that integrity, compassion and heroism are no scarcer on the sidewalks of Chicago or Harlem than they are in Dubuque. If anyone doubts this, they should consider Wesley Autrey’s heroic turn at the 137th Street and Broadway subway station this week.

    2. Harvard professor Samuel P Huntington foresaw the current crisis. Now, he tells Sarah Baxter, to beat terrorism America must first defend its own culture.

    In the above two paragraphs, are both two words ending with ISM really talking about ISM (ideas) or about activities? Is the heroism more ISM than terrorism in this case. I find in some cases, ISM is not ideas, but refers to actions. Your insight please. Thanks.
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    Re: Terrorism, heroism

    The -ism suffix can be used to express the following concepts
    • doctrine or philosophy
    • a theory developed by an individual (Marxism)
    • a political movement (feminism)
    • an artistic movement (Cubism, Surrealism)
    • an action
    • A characteristic (heroism)
    • A state or condition (pauperism)
    • Disease (botulism)
    • Prejudice (racism)
    • Religion or belief system (Bhuddism)


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