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  1. pljames

    Question Correct English

    After reading as many books as I can on the history of English and writing English and English literture I find a forum which states (to communicate with us you have to use...correct English). Ok...whats correct English? Is correct mean perfect, without flaw, mastered or readable? I tried to communicate with them but to no avail thez stated I wasnt using the language correctly! At this point some of my keys have changed there letters.

    Need basic logical and reasonable answer to the word...correct. Philosophically what is correct for some might not be correct for others?
    Delusioned by the word correct. pljames

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    Re: Correct English

    Interesting topic, well correct might mean perfect by some levels, but I htink it's a state when things match the rules, or most of them. And yes it is contoversial,I mean what is correct for me mightn't be for others , so maybe it depends on the rules as well. As the rules we might argue about who should or shouldn't set them, for everyone has their own minds and thhink they're th best, kinda complicated.

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    Re: Correct English

    Well there is difference between writing and speaking english .so sometimes when you are right in wrriting you may wrong in speaking

  3. pljames

    Post Re: Correct English

    Excellent answer on both threads. If I can be (understood) I must be doing something right and correct...for me. I am having to go back and restudy sentence construction, it seems right to me when I write it, but my problem is I strain to be understood. This forum has been overly patient with my crying spells about writing way. Now my pride is hurt by the words correct English.

    I am not sure what to do at this point. I hate and despise the word...perfect. I use what I understand about English and it seems to work...most of the time. I will admit I have a sub/retarded understanding on how to write in English and use only what I understand. I cannot grasp the meaning of a verb,noun,adjective and such, I just write what I feel which I remembered from reading many a English (my native tongue).
    Thanks for listening. Paul

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