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    Conjunctions of Time

    I wonder if anybody can help me with an activity to help me teach my class until, before, when, while, as soon as, after and before.
    Should I use a timeline?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Conjunctions of Time

    Timelines would work with most of those, though when/while might cause some difficulty as they can often be used interchangeably, though not always.

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    Re: Conjunctions of Time

    Hi colleague
    According to your request ,you should be an algerian teacher teaching fourth year level . The lesson you are looking for is from File 3 (listen and consider). I hope the following hints will help you feel at ease .
    -Teach your learners that the time conjunctions(while-when-as soon as-until-before and after) go with the main clause .They can be put either at the begining of the sentence or between the two clauses ,except until which is put only between the two clauses .
    -The verb of the main clause is put into the present ,whereas, the verb of the other is in the future .
    -Here is an example :
    -As soon as you come to my office,I'll tell you the truth.
    -I'll tell you the truth as soon as you come to my office .

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