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    Ms England

    Hi there,
    I need help to write a letter to my insurance company.
    I wish to request that their solicitor have the relevent qualifications befor persuing a claim for clinical negligence.
    They must be AVMA acredited and/or a law society clinical negligence panel membership.I would also like to have proof of such without upsetting anyone.
    It would be most appreciated if you could help me set the letter out.
    Many thanks

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    Re: Ms England

    No reputable insurance company would dare to lie about the qualifications of their solicitor, so if you simply request that they use a solicitor with one of the qualifications you name and they agree, then that should be enough. If they lied to you in a letter about that, they would exposing themselves straightaway to huge legal problems, as well as a lot of damage to their reputation.

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