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    Hi I am older student and after reading many points made I think it is sad that generally people think school is boring. It is only when you get older that you wish you had done those imporant qualifications. As more qualifications prepare you for a better job and you have more money in your pocket. May I please ask your advice. I am Maltese although have lived in Uk most of my life. I didn't do many English exams and would like to now. All I studied was CSE which at the time was all I could manage as I could hardly speak English. Recently I did Edexcel Key Skills English Communication level 2. I know I can do a GCSE or an A level but these do not cover the structure of the English language. I am currently learning a third language and feel having a higher qualification in English would help me reach better job prospects. Can you please advise me as I don't know what the key skills level 2 is equivalant to. Thanks

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    Re: English

    If you want an English Language qualification that would both help you with the language and also be a recognised qualification, why don't you try one of the University of Cambridge ESOL exams? I have taught Edexcel and Pitman among others, but I have a lot more respect for Cambridge.

    They are widely recognised and respected: Cambridge ESOL - Recognition
    Here's a guide to the levels:
    Cambridge ESOL - Exams (CEF)

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