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    I would like to ask some questions concerning pronunciation.
    I heard people say following words in several different ways:

    First of all <---1) Firs sof fall 2)First dof fall
    Last year <---1)Last dear 2) Last shear 3) Las syear
    World has <---1)World das 2) World las
    Want it <--1)Want dit 2)Want nit

    Which ones are correct?

    Thank you in advance!!! :o

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    Re: pronunciation

    Try these,

    first of all
    a) first-ta-val
    b) first-da-val

    last year
    a) last chear
    b) last jear

    World has
    a) worl-daz
    b) worldaz

    want it
    a) wannit
    b) wan-tit


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    You may well hear British speakers dropping the 't' sound completely in 'first of all'.

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