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    I need a worksheet about this paragraph!

    I have prepared some questions about this paragraph but still I need more, so please help and write your questions to make a worksheet.

    Who's in Control?
    When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the
    telephone in 1876, he could never have predicted
    how widely spread his invention would be. Telephone
    are probably the most important communication tool
    of all times. People can use them almost anytime and any where.
    They can be used in the house, the car, the office and even on the street. Today, telephones do not only allow voice communication, they are also important for emails, messages, web browsing and more. This made the telephone not only number one communicating tool but also a time wasting tool. Therefore, it is very important to use it wisely; here is some advice.
    1-Use the phone only when there is a need. Keep in mind that phones are not for entertainment.
    2-Choose when to call intelligently. People usually talk less when they're busy.
    3-Limit your calling time. Remember that the listener's time is just as important as yours.
    4-Be specific. Explain the reasons for your call and avoid long introductions.
    5-Avoid talking to other people while you're on the phone. This not only annoys the listeners, but it wastes their time as well.
    6-Don't answer the phone while munching food. This will force you to repeat whatever you have said.
    7-Use answering machines; they are very useful. They receive all your calls then later on in your free time you can return the calls you wish.
    The whole points of the advice above is to use the telephone wisely. You need to keep in mind that when it comes to telephones, you should be in control.

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    Re: I need a worksheet about this paragraph!

    Can you put your questions up so we don't repeat things?

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    Re: I need a worksheet about this paragraph!

    Thank you Tdol, and here what I have done:

    1-Who invented telephone?

    2-Is the telephone important nowadays?

    3-Choose the correct meaning:

    To waste time:
    a-lose time. B-save time. C-have time.

    a-badly. B-easily. C-cleverly.

    a-work. B-business. C-fun.

    a-go near. B-keep away. C-stand in front.

    a-drinking. B-cooking. C-chewing.

    4-Paraphrase the main ideas.

    5-Write a summary of the passage.

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