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    quick-footed tip toe through

    Chappell drew a comparison with Brian Lara, who is almost four-year senior to the Indian, and felt both were "worlds apart" in effectiveness.

    "Lara's quick-footed tip toe through a terrific innings against a good Australian bowling attack when the rest of the West Indies top order succumbed easily was in direct contrast to Tendulkarís stumbling effort in the crucial Sri Lanka match," Chappell said.

    Please explain the highlighted words.

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    Re: quick-footed tip toe through

    1: The beggar's life is worlds apart from that of the millionaire - it implies the extreme limits from one thing to another.

    2: Chappell is suggesting that Lara's playing was efficient and to the point. However, his use of the phrase "quick-footed tip toe through his innings" seems to me to be purple prose - writing for effect rather than sense.

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