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  1. hala

    Smile writing

    hi how are you
    just i wont ask about how can i write about images bout 100 word
    thanks alot

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    Re: writing

    I'm a little confused. Do you want to write an approximately 100-word description of a picture? If so, begin by describing what is going on in the picture. You might want to answer the following five questions: who (is in the picture)? what (is the thing/person doing)? where (is this image taking place)? when (did this event happen)? how? (describe the actual motion or event). Your description will really depend on what the image or picture is. Can you give an example of a picture/image that you have to describe so that we can help you begin to describe it?
    Remember, you can definitely do it, as "A picture is worth a thousand words", you can definitely write 100.
    Hope this helps!

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