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Thread: brasshouse?

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    Unhappy brasshouse?

    I am dealing with the subtitles of a Brithish movie,
    and I am having difficulty understanding some slang
    expressions.At one point the character says'this is
    the local brasshouse'.The other guy says'I never had
    a brass',to which the first guy's answer is'Never had
    a brass?You leave it to me,I'll alocate you a plate later.'
    What does brasshouse and brass refer to here?
    Does brass mean prostitute?
    Many,many thanks in advance for your answer.
    AYDA (from Turkey)

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    Re: brasshouse?

    Can you give the title of the film?

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    Re: brasshouse?

    Sorry, it may be that the person who wrote the subtitles isn't of English origin and mis-translated the phrases - the don't have any meaning to a normal native of England

    They may be slang for something, but I've never heard of any of them, except that 'The Brasshouse' can be a name of a public house in a few limited areas (particularly local to the Birmingham area in the Middle of England) - this could be named after a local factory which made products out of brass (the metal alloy), or may be named because it was decorated with a lot of brass products (quite common in Central England).

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    Re: brasshouse?

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    Re: brasshouse?

    Another possible interpretation of 'brasshouse' woud be 'office where high-ranking people work' [the 'top brass' was originally army slang for officers - because of the glittery stuff on their uniforms]. But this isn't a meaning I've met - it's just an example of the sort of supposition a native speaker might make.

    Or it could be any place you go when you're 'brassed off' (fed up). [I suppose, for people of a certain inclination, that might include a brothel.]


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    Re: brasshouse?

    A brasshouse is a brothel


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