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    help needed to conclude essay...Due TODAY!!

    Hi all,

    Im having trouble concludingmy essay and its due today.Could someone give me some ideas.Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance.

    How and in what ways are the emotions of teaching related to places and things that call up good and bad memories for me about teachers, classrooms and schools?

    In the course of this journal, I aim to convey the emotions and elaborate on/recall different emotions, either dark or light, and apply them to teaching experiences.
    I assume that the utmost positive emotion a teacher can feel is the joy of improving a child’s life with education. To be able to see a child in the class progress year after year is a great satisfaction. If a child in the class could not read or write when the year begins, and by the end of the year the child could read books and write stories--that would be a powerful experience. As a teacher, the emotions that I will go through in just one day will be truly incredible: joy and happiness when teaching a child something new that they didn’t know yesterday. Frustration when something goes wrong or when there is a problem with a student or even administration. For me, the one emotion that I know I will not be alone on is the fear when I first begin to teach-the fear of the unknown, of doing the wrong thing, or that simply I’m not making enough of a difference.
    One of the teachers that stands out in my memory for making a difference to the pupils in her class is one of my old national school teachers. The teacher, a female, was full of encouragement and inspiration and had a strong presence in the room. The teacher had a way of capturing our attention for all subjects, intriguing to watch and always supportive. The children in her class were in awe and would encourage all the pupils to do the best of their ability. She would encourage singing and physical education, while the other teachers couldn’t bear to teach the subjects. The classroom environment was strict, she was well able to control the class but also let us enjoy learning through creativity and innovation.
    The darker sides of emotion are ones of great concern to teachers. These emotions can appear within work colleagues themselves or between teacher and pupil. I can recall some experiences where sarcasm and negative emotions were conveyed in the classroom when I was a pupil. As with most adults, there is always a teacher who inspired me and makes me think about my own teaching, but there is also one teacher who was extremely discouraging and unsupportive. This experience was in my secondary school days, this was the teacher who took us for mathematics every day. She never helped anybody in the class to do the math she was teaching. The equation was wrote on the board and then explained briefly, I was told to open my book on a certain page and complete the questions. If I put up my hand to tell her I was not able to do them, she would abruptly tell me to ask the person sitting next to me for help. This was her idea of ‘pair work’ while she painted her nails at the desk. To this day, the odour of red nail varnish--or even the thought of it--makes me nauseous. As I was always a weaker student at math to begin with, it really didn’t help to have no guidance for a year. I feel strongly that the purpose of this teacher’s experience was for the money only and I think this made me more determined to be a better teacher than this teacher ever was. The essential ‘fearas’ of this teacher was the textbook. Learning is supposed to be child-friendly and blended into childhood. I don’t think any child should have to face education in this way. In the classroom, teachers can choose to distance themselves from their pupils and not form close relationships. They do not know their pupils well and Hargreaves sums this up well when he states, ‘Successful teaching and learning therefore depend on strong emotional understandings’ (Page, 8). In my opinion it is vital to have a connection with the pupils, to respond to their learning. Distancing myself from my pupils would have a negative effect on their ability to learn. In a workplace where the classroom door is closed and is disconnected from the outside world, a social distance is created as Hargreaves calls it. (Page 8). I think as a teacher there should be more interaction with others, a culture of collaboration should prevail so that the openness and unitedness of every teacher form a bond in the school. I think this helps to form a better school environment as both teachers and students alike can share views and emotions in a natural way encouraging better communication. The majority of emotional experiences involve communication and interactions with parents, some of these situations can evoke negative emotions-fear, anger or anxiety. If my classroom practices and competence or even my purpose of teaching was questioned by or criticised by parents, I would be extremely hurt and outraged that a parent could judge me on my expertise. This may result in ‘professional distance’ from the parent involved but if confronted then these emotions are ‘masked’ so as to not show the true emotion that I the teacher is feeling when my expertise is being undermined. I think teachers have to step back a little from the situation to strategically handle the conversation in the best way possible. This may mean collecting our thoughts, staying calm and defusing the situation even when under the surface our emotions are boiling with rage. In my opinion this emotional pattern is largely negative as true emotions are not being portrayed.
    ‘Emotion is integral to all teaching’ (Hargreaves, page 4).Teaching calls up memories of my own school days, the good with the bad. The emotions of those experiences will be with me whenever I step into a classroom, but I believe all my past school experiences will make me a better teacher’.

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    Re: help needed to conclude essay...Due TODAY!!

    I'd split the negative part into smaller pargraphs. The last part has a rogue quotation mark at the end, but not one at the beginning, if it is a quote.

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