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    English while traveling


    I had the opportunity to travel to certain countries and to visit some of its towns.
    So, I visited London, Aberdeen,Edenbarr, Wasington,and Toronto.
    I noticed the English is pretty different in these areas.
    So, I'd like to know if there are special sentences to use while traveling.I mean from being in the airport, to taking a taxi ,to arrive at the hotel,to be at the restaurant, to take a bus or the metro, to visit the town.
    Sometimes I'm stuck when I want to book a room in the hotel, or to ask for some information while traveling.


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    Re: English while traveling

    Not really; there are differences in some words- in New York, you'll take the subway, but it's the tube in London. Americans ask for the check and we asl for the bill. However, generally people should be able to understand you in most places. You may find them tricky to understand in some, though.

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