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    Smile Usage of this and which

    Can any one explain the usage of THIS and WHICH.
    When and where they should be used?

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    Re: Usage of this and which

    Are you sure you don't mean THAT and which? If so,

    If not, can you explain what you mean (and/or give a example of a context that highlights the problem)?


  2. banguel

    Re: Usage of this and which

    To explain the use of the words you ask about I'll use examples.
    But first I'll tell you this is a singular demonstrative pronoun used when something is close to you.Which is demonstrative too.
    For instance, when you're introducing someone you say "this is Ahmed " (contrast it with "that", used when something is far) You are shopping for something, a red tie is next to you and a black one is far. If you point at the red one, you should say "this". If you want the black one you should say "that". "Which" is used by the shop assistant when you're asking for a tie but you don't describe it. S/he may ask: Which one do you want, the red one or the black one. Besides, you can use Which in plural. No further questions?


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