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    Where the heck am I?" ~ I wondered where the heck I was.

    From dictionary :
    heck = an expression of usually slight annoyance or surprise, or a way of adding force to a statement, question, etc:

    But still I can't understand the above sentence.

    Could you explain it please?

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    Re: heck

    "Heck" is a milder and more polite alternative to saying "hell." So the person is really saying "Where the hell am I?"

    What's the difference between "Where am I?" and "Where the heck am I?" Usually you'd use "heck" if you are really confused or upset. For example, if you're running late for an appointment, and you thought you'd followed the directions exactly, but you still got lost on your way to the appointment, you might say in frustration "Where the heck am I??"

    Suppose your buddy invites you to join him for a beer at his favorite pub after work. You go there with him and find out it's some sort of cabaret bar and all the "waitresses" are men dressed like Marlene Dietrich. You might then say, "Where the heck are we?"

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