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    Sentence Diagramming

    Hi, would someone please check if these are right? Thanks

    What a mess it is!

    What = aux-
    a mess = subject complement
    it = subject
    is = verb

    She thought the book a bore, despite the good reviews

    She = subject
    thought = verb
    the book = direct object
    a bore = object complement
    despite the good reviews = object complement

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    Smile Re: Sentence Diagramming

    What is not an auxiliary because, according to David Crystal, there are #types of auxiliaries :
    1. The main auxiliaries
    V to be
    V to have
    V to do
    The second type is Modal verbs
    The third type is called marginals or semi auxiliaries
    The ypes of transitivity are
    * Transitive
    * Intransitive
    * pseodo-intransitive

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