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  1. Boris plsck

    'To Front on Sb.'

    Hi, I would like to know what 'TO FRONT ON SB.' means. I haven't found it in a dictionary. I guess it's something like To Take Liberties. I've been wondering for a long time what it could be; please respond. Thanks

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    Re: 'To Front on Sb.'

    "To front on" is a slang expression; it means to lie, to act with false bravado. It can also mean to challenge or confront someone, to stand up to them.

    "Don't be frontin', you know that pimped-out Cadillac ain't your ride."
    (Don't pretend that that fancy Cadillac is your car.)

    "I'm about to smack you up for tryin to front on me in front of my peeps."
    (I'm going to hit you for attempting to challenge my authority in front of my friends.)

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    Re: 'To Front on Sb.'

    "To put on a "false front" means to pretend to be brave when really you are nervous or afraid.

    Don't understand the rest of the jargon?
    'When he went for his interview he put on a false front.'

    Hope this helps,

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