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    pronoun for "team"

    1. What is the relative pronoun used to refer to a "team"? Should a singular or plural verb form be used if "a team" is the subject?
    e.g. The team (which/ who) is made up of 10 players wins the game.

    2. Which pronoun should I use in the following sentence?
    The team is composed of 50 people. (It/ They) won the championship.

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    Re: pronoun for "team"

    'Team' is a chameleon. It changes its number depending on your point of view - see

    So in various contexts any of which, that, who, whom, whose, it and they may be appropriate.


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    Re: pronoun for "team"

    Thank you for your answer. By the way, it is interesting that you use the word "chameleon" to show the various usages of the word "team".

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