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    Exclamation 'Reach' and 'Arrive'

    Dear Teacher,

    Can you please explain the difference between ‘reach’ and ‘arrive’?


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    Re: 'Reach' and 'Arrive'

    In this sense, they have the same meaning, but 'reach' has no preposition (we reached the town), but 'arrive' is followed by at/in (we wrrived at her house).

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    Re: 'Reach' and 'Arrive'

    Both words have much in common.
    Also, as tdol said, 'arrive' takes a preosition while 'reach' doesn't.
    In addition to those things, I think 'reach' is used in broader contexts.
    For example, you can say 'reach one's potential', 'reach the retirement age' or
    'reach the credit limit' etc., but, in my opinion, 'arrive at' doesn't take those nouns..

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