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    Please correct the sentences ...

    Dear Teacher,

    Please correct the following sentences if they are wrong:

    1) Thank you very much for your enquiry of today morning.
    (can we write like the above if we are sending letter at 12:30 pm)

    What is the difference between these sentences and which one is correct?

    1a) I did not get my vacation salary yet.

    1b) I have not yet got my vacation salary.

    2a) Ankit had kept his clock on his study table.

    2b) Ankit kept his clock on his study table.



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    Re: Please correct the sentences ...

    1 this morning
    1a/b The first is mkore common in British English and the second in American, so both are correct, though the second sounds wrong to many British speakers.
    2a/b Without more context, the first doesn't work, because the past perfect is related to another past action or time.

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