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    plz help plzzzzz

    Topics:Think that you have joined summer language group.expalin famous and historical places in your city.
    I am from Delhi. Now I will tell you about my native city Delhi .itís a beautiful city with many ancient building and rich culture am glad that you are interesting in its history. First of all, I would like to tell you about the various historical monuments.
    Delhi is the capital of India. it is also known as the heart of India. one of the most beautiful ancient building is the Red Fort. It is beautifully built with mughals who ruled India. If you see this fort once. Iím sure youíll love it and would like to know more and more about it. Delhi is also known for its India gate .itís very beautiful and looks awesome in the evening. Thatís not all; there is also qutab minar which is the highest monument.
    In Delhi you also find a number of temple, the most beautiful of which is the lotus temple which is of the shape of a lotus. Also, there are several other places.
    While visiting Delhi, you will also find markets and places where you can do lots of shopping. You can find a variety of clothes and many books written of by Indian. There are also many universities and educational institution in Delhi. Also, there are a lot of museums which tell you about the ancient India.
    If you spend at least one day in this beautiful city .Iím sure youíll love it and would like to come here again and again

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    Re: plz help plzzzzz

    so what is the question?
    there are a few punctuation mistakes and you might want to consider using other words for some parts e.g.IF you spend at leas one day in this city,i'm sure you wil love it and will want to come again and again.

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