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    knee-jerk action, size of the pie

    Say everyone has 8-10 endorsements. Which are the five we are getting rid of? What are going to be the legal remedies provided by the BCCI to keep the player out of that, because it's not the player's knee-jerk action that resulted in this kind of thing happening," Latika Khaneja the MD of Collage Sports says.

    So just what is at stake? Here's an idea about the size of the pie:

    • Sachin Tendulkar has as many as 14 brands to endorse which earn him close to Rs 45 crore a year; and demands 70 days of his time in a year.

    • Skipper Rahul Dravid has 12 brands which take up to 60 days in a year and make him approximately Rs 13 crore.

    • M S Dhoni's posterboy image earns him Rs 8 crore a year for the 15 brands that he lends his name to. It takes away 75 days a year of his time.

    • Comeback man Sourav Ganguly has to spare time for seven brands, which takes up 35 days in a year and makes him approximately Rs 5 crore.
    Please explain the highlighted group of words.

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    Re: knee-jerk action, size of the pie

    = instant reaction without thought
    pie = amount of money involved

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