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Thread: Hello teachers

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    Hello teachers

    Hi teachers please help me with the following expressions.

    1. "One of our executive would be visiting your place". Is it grammatically right expression?
    2. Unless or Until you work hard you can't succeeded? Is it correct I've noticed people using Unless or Until together is it right?
    3. 'In a red letter day everything goes in favour of yours'.Is it a correct sentence?
    4. How much I scored in my final test? Someone has told me that this is a wrong expression, was he right?
    5. "They were postponing my date of joining. I was visiting their office again and again so I presented myself once again to them on Tuesday". Is it right to say, "I presented myself once again to them".
    6. Back in my mind or back of my mind which one is right?
    7."We ate the fruits". Is it wrong?
    8. "Then I came to know in the end that I was wrong". Is it wrong. I've been told that native speakers do not use this statement?
    9."This is very much required" or just requried?
    10.Anyone else leftout? Is it right?
    11."Thankyou so mch for droping me".Is it right?

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    Re: Hello teachers

    1 Grammatically correct, but 'will' sounds more logicasl- what's the context.
    2- 'succeed,', but you can use the two together
    3 On... you.
    4 Yes- how much did I score
    6 It depends on the context; what comes before it?
    7 No, but 'fruit' would be more common
    8 Then does not go very well with in the end- it's normally one or the other.
    9 Just required
    10- OK, but not a complete sentence- formally, you'd say 'has anyone else been left out?'
    11 Probably not- 'dropping me' means excluding me from a team. 'Dropping me off' means driving or taking me somewhere

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