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    The twilight of the history man


    It's my first time writing here.

    I'm translating a kind of essay for school these days, and i'm having trouble translating the title: THE TWILIGHT OF THE HISTORY MAN. It is about a teacher who teaches local history evening classes. He's having lots of difficulties, his students come late, but he's tolerant. They don't study because they work during the day and the only way he can make them somehow work is by promising them lots of coffee breaks when they can contemplate. There are also some students who hang on the tutor's every word. Kind of lunatic fringe he says.

    Now as i said my problem is with the title, THE HISTORY MAN is the teacher, but i would like to have an idea from you about THE TWILIGHT. should i translate it with the meaing of "dusky" or with the meaning of FALL.

    I'd be glad if you helped me!

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    Re: The twilight of the history man

    Twilight means half-light in the evening - I think something expressing "fall" is closer than "dusky". Without reading the story, it looks as though there is a play on the idea of darkness falling and the teacher's fading career.

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