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    visibly shaken

    Watching a visibly shaken Rahul Dravid and Greg Chappell after the game, one was saddened at the sight of two proud men and outstanding cricketers being mercilessly grilled by the media. Two fallen matadors trapped in a bullring, this was the flip side of the fame game. Atleast, Dravid and Chappell are alive to tell the tale. Only 24 hours earlier, the world had been told that Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer had been killed, strangulated within a day of Pakistan losing to lowly Ireland and being bundled out of the tournament.

    Please explain the highlighted group of words.

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    Re: visibly shaken

    They were obviously upset.

    Two fallen matadors trapped in a bullring - A matador is the chief person in a Spanish bull-fight. The journalist is using the idea of matadors in a peculiar way. Usually only one matador appears in any fight. He is implying that they (the matadors) have been wounded and are unable to escape from the bullring. Dravid and Chappell are being seen as matadors cornered by the bull (the media).

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