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    sweeping locks, spiralled out of control

    Unfortunately, cricket nationalism is often no longer a spontaneous expression of support for ones team, but simply jingoism that has spiraled out of control. Just look at the "fan" reaction to the Indian team's exit from the World Cup. Those same smiling faces painted in tricolor who we had watched across every television screen for days were now carnivorous beasts, maddened by the thought that their heroes had let them down. Joyous cheering had now given way to abusive rants. From lining up on the streets of Ranchi to catch just one glimpse of MS Dhoni's sweeping locks, a blood-thirsty mob was now burning his effigy. In the land where Sachin Tendulkar is a deity, he was now being dismissed as the god that failed.

    Please explain the highlighted group of words.

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    Re: sweeping locks, spiralled out of control

    spiralled out of control - is uncontrollable

    sweeping locks - LONG HAIR

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