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    by round, lumpenisation, bouts of public anger

    The lumpenisation of the cricket fan is not a new phenomenon. Over the years, several sub-continental teams have had to face the wrath of the street. From Ajit Wadekar in 1974 to Wasim Akram in 1996 to Rahul Dravid in 2007, the sub-continent spectator's love-hate relationship with his cricketing idols has seen periodic bouts of public anger spill out onto the road. The difference in recent years is that the manic behaviour of the so-called fan has been magnified by round the clock media coverage of the game.

    Please explain the highlighted words.

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    Re: by round, lumpenisation, bouts of public anger

    lumpenisation - this is not a word that appears in any dictionary. I think the journalist is using the term "lumpen" adjective 1 lumpy and misshapen. 23 (in Marxist contexts) uninterested in revolutionary advancement, boorish and stupid. and creating his own word implying that the fans are a stupid bunch.

    bouts of public anger - the fans have expressed themselves forcibly

    round the clock - idiom - continual and unceasing

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