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    Formal letter

    I am a 17 years old student old student and I study english in a private institute.I am preaparing the first certificate.
    My problem is that I'm bad at writings.It's make me difficult join the sentences .
    I would like some advice to this.
    I hope hearing from you...
    Yours sincerely

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    Smile Re: Formal letter

    Hi Mary

    I'm in your situation at the moment and after read some document and English teaching books, I do have a suggession and it might help you also.
    I'm reading and study myself with Longman TOEIC test advance course and herein they request me to have a look at the picture and write down all : Noun,Verb ,action that you thing this is true ..., and I though that is a good way in practice both writing, vocabulary, and observation about things.
    You can advantage it by think and practice yourself when you see anything on street,airport,station... imagine and find word may help you in using English.
    Hope that will help you on your learning English.


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