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    Smile for a spin

    when one says: "She bought the new jeans for a spin" what does the expression "for a spin" mean.

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    Re: for a spin

    Hi! Where does this expression take place?
    Can you send the extension of this sentence?
    And can you send the previous sentences?

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    Re: for a spin

    The phrase "take for a spin" originated in reference to automobiles. If you took a car out for a short drive, usually a test drive when you were considering whether or not to buy it, it was called "taking it out for a spin." Eventually the phrase went on to describe anything that you were trying out. In this case, the girl bought a new pair of jeans and was wearing them out someplace for the first time. "What should I wear today?" (looks through closet) "I guess I'll take these new jeans out for a spin."

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    Cool Re: for a spin

    Thanks Ouisch for the "automobile test" meaning of the expresiion. In the meantime, I will try to lay hands on the original advertisement for its previous and extended sentence for Houlon, to have better apprehension of the expression.

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    Question Re: for a spin

    Sorry, not "apprehension" but better comprehension of the expression.

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