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    Smile Months of the year

    I have a question how do you teach bilingual children the months of the year?
    In spanish we say en que mes estamos? Is it ok to say in English What month are we in? so they'll respond January and so forth. Are my questions gramatically correct? will they be able to understand the concept if I ask those questions or should I just ask what month is it/this? while pointing to the picture of the month?

    thank you

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    Smile Re: Months of the year

    I don't know Spanish.
    But both of them correct?

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    Re: Months of the year

    My reaction is that so long as you are consistent, the children will quickly learn the question and what the answer should be. In English,it would be more usual to say "what month is this?" if you are pointing to a picture or a diagram, but "what month is it [now]?" if speaking without aid.

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