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Thread: Hit the Lights!

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    Hit the Lights!

    In a song called "hit the lights" there is a theme of the phrase 'hit the lights'. What does it mean to hit the lights?

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    Re: Hit the Lights!

    In urban dictionary it is written as "Awesome band, great live, hope they blow up.. "

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    Re: Hit the Lights!

    Are you referring to the Metallica song? They're singing about being onstage in front of the fans, and "hit the lights" means the backstage crew should operate the various stage lights and spotlights which enhance their performance.

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    Re: Hit the Lights!

    The expression 'hit the lights' did not originate with Metallica, however.

    In normal, everyday usage this expression usually means 'turn the lights off' -- but it can also be used to mean 'turn the lights on'.

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    Re: Hit the Lights!

    All Right but I have next doubt: Does in the US Dictionary (or as a slang) Metallica mean anything? or it just sounds good?

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