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    constituent Assembly, enact

    In our Constituent Assembly this twenty-sixty day of November, 1949, do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution.

    Please explain the highlighted group of words.

    I don't know what is `constituent Assembly'

    Also, I don't know what is `enact' in this sentence. I have searched for it in the dicationary and I found it means (to make law). But this seems out of context here.

    Also, I know constitution = (a documents where set of laws are written to govern the country)

    But I can't understand what is (give ourselves to this constitution)

    Please help me on this

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    Re: constituent Assembly, enact

    A Constituent Assembly is a body that is formed to create a constitution. It does fit- they are making it law and putting it into operation. From this moment, the constitution will be legally valid.

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