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    [Help] The same meaning phrases....!

    First, i want to thank ESL Forum for creating a good website for people all over the world who need improve their English skill.

    Now, i have a BIG problem. There are many words or phrases which are in the same meaning in English.

    Example1 : To see eye to eye = To agree
    Example2 : To take it easy = To relax

    Teachers, can you list some phares which are usually used? Thx you very much. I'm grateful for your help !

    PS: Sorry for my bad English. My mother touge is Vietnamese.

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    Re: [Help] The same meaning phrases....!

    You can find many of them here:

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    Re: [Help] The same meaning phrases....!

    NTCs America Idioms Dictionary by Richard A. Spears

    Really worth it. 7,500 idioms.

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